Shanghai Deborn Co., Ltd. has been dealing in the chemical additives since 2013, company located in Pudong New District of Shanghai.

Deborn works to provide chemicals and solutions for textile, plastics, coatings, paints, electronics, medicine, home and personal care industries.

  • Antistatic Agent SN

    Antistatic Agent SN

    Antistatic agent SN is used to eliminate static electricity in the spinning of all kinds of synthetic fibres such as polyester, polyvinyl alcohol, polyoxyethylene and so on, with excellent effect.

  • Antistatic Agent DB820 for PE Film

    Antistatic Agent DB820 for PE Film

    DB820 is a non-ionic compound antistatic agent, especially suitable for PE film, pharmaceutical and electronics packaging films. After blowing film, the surface of the film is free of the phenomenon of spray and the oil.



    DB-306 is a cationic antistatic agent, which is specially used for the antistatic treatment of solvent-based inks and coatings. The addition amount is about 1%, which can make the surface resistance of inks and coatings reach 107-1010Ω.

  • Antistatic Agent DB300 for PP

    Antistatic Agent DB300 for PP

    DB300 is an internal antistatic agent used for polyolefins, non-woven materials, etc. This product provides a good temperature resistance, excellent antistatic effect in PE drums, PP barrel, PP sheets, and non-woven manufacturing.

  • Antistatic Agent DB105

    Antistatic Agent DB105

    DB105 is an internal antistatic agent widely used to polyolefin plastics such as PE, PP containers, drums (bags, boxes), polypropylene spinning, non-woven fabrics. This product has good heat resistance, anti-static effect durable and efficient.

  • Anti-static Agent DB803

    Anti-static Agent DB803

    It is inter-addition-type antistatic agent applicable for polyalkene plastic and nylon products to produce antistatic macromolecular materials such as the PE and PP film, slice, container and packing bag(box), mine-used double-anti plastic net belt, nylon shuttle and polypropylene fibre, etc.

  • Anti-static Agent DB200

    Anti-static Agent DB200

    This product is designed for PE, PP, PA products, dosage is 0.3-3%, Antistatic effect:the surface resistance can reach 108-10Ω..