Shanghai Deborn Co., Ltd. has been dealing in the chemical additives since 2013, company located in Pudong New District of Shanghai.

Deborn works to provide chemicals and solutions for textile, plastics, coatings, paints, electronics, medicine, home and personal care industries.

  • RESERVE SALT S CAS NO.: 127-68-4

    RESERVE SALT S CAS NO.: 127-68-4

    MBS is used as a nickel stripper in electroplating industry, as a resisting agent in dyeing and printing industry.

  • Halogen-free Reduction Inhibitor DBI

    Halogen-free Reduction Inhibitor DBI

    DBI is a highly effective, halogen-free reduction inhibitor for dyeing of polyester fibers and their blends with, e.g. cellulose or viscose rayon. It protects disperse dyes from yield loss during HT exhaust dyeing processes.

  • POYAMINE DB5 (Polydimethylamine)

    POYAMINE DB5 (Polydimethylamine)

    Appearance: Clear, Colorless to Light Yellow, Transparent Colloid

    Charge: Cationic

    Relative Molecular Weight: High

    Specific gravity at 25℃:1.01-1.10

    Solid Content:49.0 – 51.0%

    pH Value:4-7

    Brookfield Viscosity (25°C,cps):1000 – 3000

  • Penetrating agent T CAS NO.: 1639-66-3

    Penetrating agent T CAS NO.: 1639-66-3

    Penetrating agent T is a powerful, anionic wetting agent with excellent wetting, solubilizing and emulsifying action plus the ability to lower interfacial tension.

  • Nylon Fixing agent

    Nylon Fixing agent

    For processing of both exhausting and padding on nylon dyeing and printing

  • Fixing agent G-232

    Fixing agent G-232

    Padding: 5-20g/l

    Exhausting: 1.0-3.0%(o.w.f) with bath ratio 1:10~20 in 40-60℃ for 20~30 min and batch liquid in 5-7 PH value.

  • Eco-Carrier BIP in the field of textile auxiliaries

    Eco-Carrier BIP in the field of textile auxiliaries

    BIP is used mainly in the field of textile auxiliaries, also can be used as organic solvent.

    BIP does not belong to corrosives, radioactive, oxidizing substances and presents no explosive hazard.

  • 1,3-Dimethylurea CAS NO.: 96-31-1

    1,3-Dimethylurea CAS NO.: 96-31-1

    Pharmaceutical intermediates, also used in the production of fiber treatment agent.It is used in medicine to synthesize theophylline, caffeine and nificaran hydrochloride.

  • Acid Releasing Agent DBS

    Acid Releasing Agent DBS

    This product can be used as textile auxiliary, or as acidifier for fiber and its products in dyeing or printing process.

    Add in dye bath directly, the dosage is 1~3g/L.

  • Carrier and Intermediate BIP

    Carrier and Intermediate BIP

    Can be raw material of carrier in low temperature on wool/polyester fabric, replace benzyl benzoate.

    Can be main raw material of repairing agent.

    Can be fomulated leveling agent in high temp. and repairing agent.

    Can be intermediate of dyestuff.

    No odor, environment friendly.

  • Acrylic  Leveling Agent 1227

    Acrylic  Leveling Agent 1227

    Acrylic leveling agent 1227 is the leveling agent when cationic dye dyeing in all kinds of acrylic fiber. Can also be used to cationic dye printing, and re-work dye flower fabric to make it even. It also can be use as smoothness and antistatic before acrylic. Fiber textile processing, used as a sanitizer.